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Nothing is worse than losing all your wedding or family photos!

Your files are so very valuable. For peace of mind, come to us first for a free evaluation. Every time your drive is powered up the potential exists for the problem to worsen, increasing expense and time needed for recovery and easily moving a drive from being an inexpensive logical recovery to an expensive physical recovery. Before you let others run data recovery software on your drive like Disk Warrior and often cause even more damage to your precious data, come and see us.

Low Prices. With our prices being so low, there is no need to go to a non-specialist in order to try and save money. Our rates are as low as $49 for a simple backup and restore. Our location is walking distance from the Apple Store 29th St, and we can usually start your recovery job immediately. And we’re open for urgent help 24/7.

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Questions to ask BEFORE handing over your computer’s hard drive...
  • Are they certified by Apple themselves, having surpassed Apple’s strict requirements, now allowed to proudly display Apple’s logo, and be listed on Apple’s website?
  • Are they just an affiliate / shopfront, or do they have labs here in Boulder?
  • Are they a jack-of-all-trades Mac or PC shop willing to run some software that may cause more damage to your drive, or are they data recovery specialists with specialized recovery equipment?
  • Do they want upfront fees for evaluating your drive (often because they overnight it to someone else), or do they provide free evaluations.
  • Do they want a couple of days to get back to you with an evaluation, or will they give you an evaluation within a couple of hours?
  • Will you need to keep explaining yourself to several different people each time you call for a status update, or will the same person call you to keep you informed each step of the way?
  • Are they just employees working for a paycheck with little to no responsibility, or are you dealing with the business owner directly?
  • Can they keep your data private, or will your drive pass through multiple hands?
  • Are they part of a national or offshore franchise, or are they a small local Boulder business?
  • Do they have bad reviews online, or do their customers shower them with praise?

So how do we stack up? At Flatirons Data Recovery, we’re 100% Apple Certified, we do the work right here in Boulder, we are absolute Data Recovery experts as this is all we do, our evaluations are free, you’ll hear back from us within an hour or two, you’ll deal only with one person, that will be the business owner, so you can rest assured that your personal data is kept confidential, yes we are a local business, and just LOOK at our reviews!

Unlike the stories we hear about the other guys, we operate in a very relational no-pressure environment. It’s not uncommon for us to spend an hour with a customer just listening, answering questions and giving advice. We really take the time to sit down and get to know our customers and build rapport with them. Many of our customers have become friends over the years who then refer their own friends to us.

Free evaluations. No fee if no recovery.
Our data recovery procedures start with a free evaluation using specialized machines that attempt to mitigate further damage to your Hard Drive. Once we know what’s wrong with your Hard Drive we’ll call you and give you the news and let you know what the price will be. We never increase our quotes like others do, what we tell you is what it will stay. The decision is then yours to proceed with a recovery, and until you give the go-ahead, you’re under no obligation whatsoever. Evaluations usually take an hour or two, so we’ll call you within that time frame. And if we can’t recovery your data, you pay nothing. From start to finish, you’ll deal with the same person, and we absolutely excel in customer service. See our reviews here.